Change Management is Collaboration

For a service business, change management is employee brand management and employee brand management is collaborative change management.

In collaborating with clients and colleagues, here are the key principles I’ve learned to follow to successfully bring about change:

  • The charter for the project must be clear.
  • It takes time to confirm the charter. Start the project with a rough charter then come back to it, tune it, flesh it out. That doesn’t mean allowing the charter to whipsaw. It does mean making the effort to challenge how you’ve expressed your goals and your requirements.
  • Employee engagement is critical to success. Engage employees in planning, delivery and follow-through.
  • Build the change project around the business priorities of the group who are being asked to change. Carve out a clearing where they are able to prove for themselves that the chartered change will make achieving their priorities easier.
  • Show evidence that will allow those people being asked to change that there are compelling reasons for the change.
  • The best evidence of all is the voice of the customer. Preferably, in person.
  • Start slowly, in small steps. The bigger your goals, the faster you need to move, the more important it becomes to start slow and small.

A first small step: Ask me a question about change in your situation.

A larger step: Join StratAffect and PostStone for Kitchen Table Moderator Training.