About Rick Wolfe

I’m a consultant.

I mostly work for fast-moving businesses like yours.

Before stepping into the world of business, my schooling and early work were in theatre. My first career assignment was in the advertising industry, at McCann-Erickson, on global brands like American Express and Coca-Cola. The work was truly global. Ultimately, I was based in Tokyo, handling a Pacific Region assignment.

These experiences give me a unique perspective and underpin the advice my clients look to me to give.

That’s not enough, is it? Good though that experience is, if that was all I offered, I wouldn’t last long as a service provider.

Luckily, coming out of my experience in advertising and drama, a couple of skills have developed to a heightened level. The feedback that comes to me from clients and colleagues is that my skills as an observer and a listener stand out. Clients report that when studying their market, or their organization, I notice significant things that others don’t.

It is by listening to you and clients like you that I have developed my approach to consulting.

Clients have said:

We make our best decisions when we have strong thinking.

We find the best direction when we hear strong feelings from our customers and from each other.

We get the best results when we take strong actions.

Here’s the thing: We can’t do those things one at a time. Our business never stops. We succeed when the flow between strategic thinking and execution is seamless.

If you want to work with us, if you want to make us better, that’s what we need from you.

Thinking, feeling and doing that come all at once, and can be reliably steered toward client goals. That’s what my tools and my recipes are designed to do.

A book chapter has just been published, co-authored by Lisa Francis-Jennings and me that sums up my approach. The chapter is in Complexity Unravelled and can be found at Amazon UK.